SmartSource introduces WorkFlow applications

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SmartSource introduces WorkFlow applications for automating emarketing processes.
Integration of workflow automation with full featured email and emarketing applications.

BURLINGTON, MA – SmartSource announced the release of its newest e-marketing services application for marketing WorkFlow automation.  According to Gene Zylkuski, Vice President of Applications Development, WorkFlow is an extremely flexible application that is designed to automate the processing of high volumes of customer interactions.  “WorkFlow solves the problems of managing very high volumes of customer "touches" over extended time frames.  SmartSource's WorkFlow is built using Microsoft Workflow Foundation technology making it a highly scalable, robust workflow application.”

WorkFlow is designed to handle two key types of marketing automation applications.  The first type collects, screens, scores and validates leads.   The goal is to rapidly identify top quality prospects and forward them for client-designated processing procedures.  The second type of application tracks individual leads throughout the sales cycle.  The tracking process includes sending confirmation messages, collecting additional profile information, updating data, status changes and other rules-based procedures that emulate the desired prospect tracking and conversion process.

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