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For over a dozen years, SmartSource has been a leader in providing email and messaging technology services.  Now, via a web services interface, you can integrate our email  delivery infrastructure into your application and benefit from our expertise and technology

Outsource email platform management
High volume, high priority email delivery systems require expertise and continuous investment in education and technology.   With our simple, yet powerful Web service API, you can off-load the costs and hassles required to effectively manage email delivery systems; freeing you up to better build and manage your core applications.



Dedicated domains and IP addresses
Your system will be fully dedicated to your application with your own delivery domains and dedicated IP addresses within our MTA email farm.   You get reliable capacity, managed and monitored by our operations support team. Your email “reputation” is yours alone.

ISP relations management
Today, successful email delivery requires a close working relationship with major ISPs.  By using the SmartSource Web services API you benefit from our white-list  relationships with the major ISPs including Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL.  Our tracking and reporting systems are fully integrated with their complaint “feedback loops”.  We manage your systems to comply with their recommended best practices for delivery rates.

Application Integration
Your application can be integrated with our delivery services via a full set of Web services functions or via a simple SMTP delivery interface.

Web Services Functions
Individual web service functions can be used to create email applications in total or in part.  All functions can be programmatically initiated and completed using the web application user interface. Web services functions include everything you need to create and manage an email broadcast delivery:


The SmartSource Web services API solution can be combined with our easy-to-use web application for broadcast and campaign management.  You can automatically load content and lists and then manually preview, proof and approve broadcasts.  Message templates can be designed and stored using the web application and made available for delivery requests via the Web services API calls

SMTP Message Solution
For applications that manage the full message creation process, SmartSource delivery management services can be utilized by our SMTP integration services.  These services allow “fully formed” messages to be “delivered” as a SMTP messages to SmartSource SMTP servers.  Once we receive the message, we can apply a “deep message inspection” to provide a full range of services – opt-out link insertion, link tracking “beacons”, sender-domain insertion, and much more.

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